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Val Spiridonov
Cloud Security Engineer
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Security Buff, DevOps Engineer, Kubernetes Expert, CI-CD professional. Building reliable highly available cloud solutions


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12/2019 to 04/2020

Senior Cloud Security Engineer

Inmar  – Weston-Salem, NC

Technology: AWS, Kubernetes (EKS), Helm, Github Actions. CodeBuild,  CodeDeploy, Windows Virtual Desktop, ZAP, Kali

●      Strategized, developed and implemented cloud infrastructure to  enable public cloud environments and interconnect to on-prem legacy.

●      Developed and implemented cloud-based procedures, continuous  monitoring, compliance checks, and infrastructure as code.

●      CI-CD pipelines: security developed and implemented, as well  as proactively partnered to update pipelines based on trends identified in  the environment.

●      Responsible for reviewing and updating security policies,  standards, requirements and solutions covering different cloud deployment and  service models.

●      WVD deployment and optimization.

●      Implementing code best practice and security testing with ZAP

●      Utilizing Kali Linux to test infrastructure.


10/2018 to 11/2019

Senior DevOps and automation engineer

Tellus  – Deerfield, FL

Technology: AWS, Git, Jira, Kubernetes, Helm, Jenkins,  Fortinet, Keycloak, Sonarcube.

●      GovCloud, HIPAA, HiTrust, PCI compliance implementation.

●      CI-CD pipeline improvements through automation using YAML and  Python scripts.

●      Site reliability and support (cluster upgrades using kops,  backup management, software patching with AWS SSM).

●      Building versatile production environments using  CloudFormation and other Infrastructure as Code tools.

●      Implementation of highly scalable, highly available secure  cloud solutions.

●      Building redundant high-frequency data storage and networks  using AWS Aurora and VPC.

●      Implementation of monitoring, alerting and event response  using AWS CloudWatch and Prometheus.

●      Performing automation for static code analysis using Sonarcube


07/2016  to 01/2018

Cloud Engineer

Travelmate  Robotics - Las Vegas, NV

Technology: Kubernetes, Azure, Jenkins, Docker, Bitbucket,  Data Mining, Python

●       Web infrastructure  implementation: built the promo website, Online Store, CRM, Email and updates  Cluster using Azure.  

●       CI/CD of the  Travelmate Robotics Mobile Application.

●       Supporting  collaboration between designers, iOS/Android programming team and the robotics  department.

●       Data Mining,  Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI systems implementation to improve  monitoring algorithms using AWS SageMaker.

12/2010  to 06/2016

DevOps Tech Lead

Examen-Media  - Moscow, Russian Federation

Technology: Git, Google Cloud, Python, Bash

●       Helped the company  required to perform codebase update automation to implement touchscreen  support in their products.

●       Built a team of 14  remote developers and organized their interaction to obtain results in short  deadlines, saving the company 6 months of development time.

●       Executed technical  writing.

●       Administrating  Windows domain controller.

10/2006 to  11/2010

DevOps Engineer

ND  SJSC - Moscow, Russian Federation

Technologies: TeamLab, AWS EC2, S3, CloudFormation, Beanstalk.

●      Supported production of scientific 3D-movies. Hundreds of  terabytes of data had to be stored, streamed and archived during animation  creation life-cycle.

●      Achieved complete product pipeline development, allowing to  rapidly create complex scenes, using asset tracking systems to reduce lack of  order in thousands of assets.

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