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With over 15 years of experience in software development, Pavlo has honed their skills in software design, architecture, and development while demonstrating a knack for problem-solving. Their expertise extends to application containerization and efficiently running containerized applications in cloud infrastructures. While predominantly focused on the .NET platform and C# programming, they have diversified their portfolio by implementing solutions in various languages and technologies such as Go, Python, Java, and NodeJS. Their role primarily involves team leadership, application architecture design, software development and support, and consulting activities.


Licenses & Certifications

AWS Certified Developer

Featured Work

Relevant Experience

TheoremOne, Remote — Engineering Team Lead

February 2023 - PRESENT

Senior Software Engineer

December 2019 - February 2023

  • Leading a team of 5-6 engineers from the technical perspective.
  • Onboarding, supporting, and mentoring new team members.
  • Finding and implementing engineering solutions to fill the gaps between the third-party services functionality and application requirements and user experience.
  • Taking technical ownership of whole features, including scope analyzing and clarification, breaking down into actionable user stories, architecture designing, implementation, and testing.
  • Designing architecture and guiding development of an asynchronous data synchronization with legacy systems, using eventual consistency principles and strategies.
  • Designing architecture and guiding development of an internal C# SDK for working with commenting functionality, providing the possibility to have one single tool for comments for different areas within the application.
  • Designing architecture and implementing backend parts for several big, complex, and important application features.
  • Determining and removing root cause of deadlocks in SQL queries during the data synchronization process between application and legacy systems, which allowed to increase the overall performance of the synchronization operation.
  • Developing unit, integration, and contract tests to increase application reliability and predictability.

Inc Alliance, Remote Senior Software Developer

June 2018 - May 2020

  • Creating architecture for the backend part.
  • Software design.
  • Requirements analysis and clarification.
  • Estimation, prioritization, and distribution of tasks.
  • Software development and support.

SolarWinds Senior/Lead Software Developer

October 2014 - January 2020

  • Architecture and design.
  • Knowledge sharing, mentoring others.
  • Establishing code review and version control processes.
  • Requirements analysis and clarification.
  • Software development and support.
  • Setup automation testing.
  • Constant software refactoring.

University Master Honors Degree in Computer Systems and Networks

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