Elbert Bae
Senior Software Engineer
  • NodeJs

Full-stack software developer working in the NodeJS environment with experience developing full-stack web applications. Professional experience building simple to complex web applications using React and template-engines using REST and GraphQL (with Apollo) API layers with database design experiences in SQL, MongoDB, and DynamoDB. Extensive knowledge and experience designing and deploying services with CICD in serverless environments for highly scalable projects and Amazon Developer Associate certified.


Licenses & Certifications

AWS Certified Developer

Featured Work

Relevant Experience

TheoremOne,  — Senior Software Engineer

October 2022 - PRESENT

Developed unit tests to enhance application stability, ensuring robust code quality. Enhanced the developer experience by implementing code generation tools, simplifying integration with backend applications using OpenAPI specs. Contributed to frontend application feature development using React and associated tools. Investigated and planned feature discovery to drive innovation and project success. Supported team processes by providing feature task breakdowns and design suggestions, facilitating a streamlined development life cycle. Collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams, including Project Managers, Designers, and Business Analysts, to deliver feature-rich solutions.

Lighthouse Labs, Web Developer

May 2021- PRESENT

Coached students in programming concepts, facilitating their understanding of core principles. Provided guidance on the course curriculum for full-stack web application development, ensuring students received a comprehensive education. Supported students in group project planning and development, fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills. Education content covers the following tools and languages: Ruby & NodeJs, Front-end development with EJS, jQuery, React, and Ruby on Rails, Backend development with MongoDB, SQL, and Ruby on Rails.

PayByPhone,  — Software Developer

Sep 2021 - Oct 2022

Backend development with C# .NET Core. Architecture and design of frontend application and infrastructure. Front-end development with React, Redux, and Redux-Saga. Enhance unit test coverage and application stability through the implementation of automated unit and integration testing. Infrastructure maintenance using Terraform and AWS. Support of in-house application servers to AWS services.

Rival Technologies, Software Engineer

Oct 2019 - Sep 2021

Plan, design, and create microservices for various parts of the application relating to messaging, analytics, distribution, and data processing. Monitor and debug issues in production and development environments deployed to AWS using cloud monitoring tools. Write maintainable code using TypeScript and established patterns. Write testable code for backend (Node.js + TypeScript) and frontend (React + TypeScript) with unit and integration tests, including CI/CD implementation. Use AWS cloud services to deploy production-ready microservices. Knowledge and experience working with Docker, Material-UI, GraphQL, Postgres, MongoDB, and Apollo with Node.js and TypeScript. Lead coordination for a team of 3 to accomplish epic deadlines by organizing, estimating, and unblocking tasks throughout a feature lifecycle.

University Psychology

2013 - 2015

Bootcamp FullStack Web Development


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