Karel Tamayo
Staff Engineer
  • C#/.Net
    Backend Development
    Software Design
    Software Architechture

Karel is a Computer Engineer mostly focused in Web and Desktop applications development with over 10 years of experience using Microsoft .NET stack to build software solutions, including WPF, WCF, Asp.Net MVC and Entity Framework. Recently using Microsoft Azure to deliver reliable and secure software as a service cloud-powered solutions. He’s a self-motivated developer and always open to new challenges and opportunities to grow and increase my expertise.


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Featured Work

Relevant Experience

TheoremOne, Remote — Staff Engineer

June 2020 - PRESENT

  • Integration with a third-party API for document uploads. ASP.NET/Kestrel server configuration
  • Implemented services using Redis to control server-side session invalidation features to improve the security posture for web app using cookies and JWT authentication schemes.
  • Server side monitoring and observability instrumentation using Azure Applications Insights and Telemetry.
  • Implemented backend services by integrating Elasticsearch to provide a powerful full-text search capabilities.
  • Development of unit, contract, and integration tests to increase code coverage and ease refactor confidence.
  • Fine-tuning SQL Server queries to improve performance when using light ORM-like data layers to optimize performance and query runtime.
  • Co-developed a highly performant asynchronous SDK in C#, to log events to Azure CosmosDB using the MongoDB API, allowing to remove legacy code that used SQL Server tables and significantly improving the application performance, increasing throughput and optimizing the cloud costs of the organization.
  • Developed several background jobs to perform async operations using Hangfire to implement eventual consistency patterns.
  • Architectural planning for data synchronization, ingestion and asynchronous integration with legacy systems and patterns of eventual consistency, Enterprise Message Service bus integration and distributed caching techniques.
  • Co-lead a team of 10+ members to deliver high quality features using Scrum processes and ceremonies.
  • Worked closely with PMs, Product/UX Designers to create great user experiences and application features.
  • Leveling up engineers by mentoring, writing articles and providing KT sessions.
  • Gave KT sessions to engineers in the client organization to hand-off features implemented.
  • Created documentation and write ups to explain concepts, communicate with stakeholders and get buying and alignment when presenting architectural and technical decisions and help the customer to make informed decisions.
  • Actively contributed with production support and troubleshooting of high priority incidents.

Travelgenio Global, Senior Software Engineer

July 2019 - June 2020

Design and implementation of internal and user-facing REST APIs. Helping to create a microservices architecture from a big legacy monolithic web application. Facing a lot of interesting Jira tickets in my day-to-day work while using Agile (Scrum) practices. Tech Stack: .Net Core, Docker, Git, Rancher, PowerShell.

Endava, Senior Software Engineer

September 2017 - July 2019

Working with microservices, ASP.NET Core, Elasticsearch, Docker, Golang, React, JavaScript. Scrum.

University, Bachelors in Computer Sciences Engineering

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Karel Tamayo

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