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I build infrastructure in the cloud using software development principles, with security as a top priority. I multiply my own output by creating tools and frameworks. I help others multiply their output by teaching, mentoring, and reviewing code. I fulfill business needs simply and efficiently by making use of existing systems, and extending them only where necessary. I have contributed to Kubernetes, Packer, GoReleaser, and other open source projects.


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Google Cloud

Cloud Architect

October 2019 to February 2020

●     ModifiedCloudFormation-based Kubernetes installer to run in AWS GovCloud.

●     Assisted in migration of applications from commercial AWS accounts to GovCloud.

●     Worked on a tool for generating reports on IAM roles and policies, to help achieve least privilege permissions.

●     Worked to make AWS accounts CIS compliant in preparation for FISMA audit.

Alclear via Cloudboss


October 2019 to February 2020

●     ModifiedCloudFormation-based Kubernetes installer to run in AWS GovCloud.

●     Assisted in migration of applications from commercial AWS accounts to GovCloud.

●     Worked on a tool for generating reports on IAM roles and policies, to help achieve least privilege permissions.

●     Worked to make AWS accounts CIS compliant in preparation for FISMA audit.


ADP via Eliassen Group

Principal Devops Engineer

July 2017 to August 2019

●     Wrote automation to build and maintain Kubernetes clusters in an air gapped environment using CloudFormation, Ansible, and Go.

●     Provided leadership and guidance for the conversion from Mesos to Kubernetes for a payroll platform composed of microservices and their supporting infrastructure applications.

●     Planned, implemented, and documented the migration from Jenkins to Concourse CI for multiple development teams writing microservices.

●     Wrote coding standards documents to ensure that code for the infrastructure is maintainable, testable, and predictable.

●     Created standards for structuring Terraform and Ansible source code, to ensure these tools could be run in an idempotent fashion from CI/CD pipelines whenever triggered by git changes.

●     Migrated on-prem hosted tools such as the Jira and Confluence Atlassian suite onto Kubernetes in AWS.


Change Healthcare

Lead Software Engineer

January 2016 to July 2017

●     Led a team of cloud engineers with the purpose of providing the base infrastructure for migrating the company’s applications into the cloud.

●     Worked withAWS professional services to design a strategy for the company’s cloud migration.

●     I developed relationships with other teams within the company and supported them in theirAWS migrations.

●     Created aREST API based on AWS API Gateway, which acted as a data access layer for my team’s internal use, and to provide services for other teams.

●     Developed a design and review process for my team to follow when introducing standards and major new features.

●     Wrote tools to automate management of the company’s AWS accounts. This included building standardized network infrastructure, IAM roles, and infrastructure for compliance and security monitoring.

●     Wrote tools to ensure that the company’s AWS accounts were CIS compliant, resources in the accounts were tagged correctly, and that EC2 instances were built from approvedAMIs.

●     Built fully automated Jenkins CI/CD pipelines which discovered jobs from Git repositories and ran all jobs in Docker containers on ECS.

●     Wrote secrets management tool in Go which used KMS to manage keys and S3 for storage of artifacts. I helped move a lot of developers away from storing secrets insecurely in git repositories by offering this tool as an alternative, because it was easy to use and required no installation step.

●     Created an automated AMI build system with Jenkins and Ansible, which produced CIS compliant images for multiple versions of Linux and Windows.

●     Gave a talk at the company’s developer conference on using Ansible to enable infrastructure as code, and how to use it as a general purpose automation front end for full stack deployments, in addition to its more well known purpose as a server provisioning tool.


Change Healthcare

Software Engineer

April 2015 to January 2016

●     Wrote automated test system for a coding challenge at an internal developer conference, with team entries automatically added upon creation of a git repository containing a configuration. It included a UI to display all teams’ test results and stored the results in DynamoDB. Written in Javascript andReact with a Python Flask backend.

●     Wrote aPython tool which produced CloudFormation templates for standard stack designs based on input parameters, which provided a lot of consistency for deployments.It could build load balanced application stacks, VPC and network stacks, and could be extended with plugins.

●     Worked on web services for use by the company to automate tasks within AWS, such as provisioning of accounts with required roles and users created by default, building of VPCs, or creating stacks from a service catalog. These services used UberFormation to run many tasks.


The Walt Disney Company via AltaSource

Systems Engineer

November2013 to April 2015

●     Worked on a  team that managed services used byDisney and subsidiaries ESPN and ABC, that included an email and messaging API,a caching proxy, an authorization service, and numerous others.

●     Moved our IP geolocation service into AWS to expand capacity, using CloudFormation combined with Chef to configure the entire stack in a fully automated fashion.

●     Developed an orchestration and scheduling framework in Go to make it possible to manage jobs from a central location. Jobs were deployed after being checked into a git repository, which gave the ability for the whole team to see what jobs were running and where. Jobs could initiate orchestration tasks by sending messages to nodes in a cluster, and the nodes would respond by running event handlers and sending messages in return.

●     Built clusters of ElasticSearch servers for development teams to see logs of their applications. Automation of cluster configuration was handled by Chef, and disk space was monitored and kept low using the orchestration tool I had written.



Tools and Monitoring Engineer

July 2009 to November 2013 

●     As the owner of a cluster of high maintenance SiteScope monitoring servers used to poll Java applications for JMX attributes,  I wrote a tool in Java that ran as a daemon on our application servers, collected JMX attributes, and sent the data to some existing Zabbix servers where thresholds and alerts were set. We were able to retire all of the SiteScope servers, which saved money in hardware and licensing, and reduced our maintenance costs.

●     Created a monitoring solution that enabled any team to contribute their own monitoring scripts. Contributors would write monitoring scripts that gave specific outputs based on tools that I developed, and would check these scripts into are pository, where my team would send them to production after testing and review.

●     Created a rolling deployment mechanism for the monitoring scripts which would stop on the first failure. Upon deployment, all scripts would determine where they should run and when, then automatically report metadata to a centralized location, from which we provided reports about the state of our environments. This was a highly successful project that dramatically increased the uptime for our applications.

●     Worked on an agile development team, where I wrote key components of a cloud hosting management system in Java, which took as input a document description, and then built environments for hosting web and database services based upon that description. The system provided service discovery for all of the applications running in it, controls for starting and stopping services, deployment of web applications, and dynamic scaling in the cloud.

AT&T via Yoh

Systems Administrator

February 2008 to June 2009

●     Assisted in the migration of att.com ecommerce site from ATG Dyamo servers to WebLogic.

●     Built redundant instances of the ecommerce site across data centers, with global traffic management handled by Akamai.

●     Wrote a tool to select the amount of traffic to send to each datacenter, accessible from aUI.

●     Wrote tools to automate the configuration of clusters of WebLogic servers, which replaced the previous method of configuring them one at a time through a UI.

●     Wrote a tool to execute rolling restarts of our web servers without downtime.

●     Was a primary contributor to my team’s web based tools, which included performance and monitoring dashboards, and log search tools for developers.


Spry Web Hosting


October 2005 to February 2008

●     A few months after starting at the help desk as a customer service representative, I was moved to the NOC to handle systems administration tasks.

●     Wrote software to provision physical servers remotely, implemented as a library with two front ends, one a command line interface and the other web based.

●     Acted as the primary backup administrator, architecting and implementing the backup solution for the company and its customers’ servers. In addition to making sure the backups ran smoothly, I wrote a tool to automatically configure new servers forbackups

●     Wrote a tool for customer service to handle customer restores from backups.

●     Developed and rolled out CFEngine policies to all of the company’s servers.

●     By combining the CFEngine policies with the remote provisioning system I had written, we could expand production capacity in a matter of minutes, or fulfill customer orders in a similarly quick fashion.

●     Wrote PHP code to add features to the company’s website and to integrate with our billing software.

●     Racked servers in the data center, replaced hardware such as hard disks and RAID controllers, configured Cisco switches and routers, handled cabling, and maintained hardware inventory.

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