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Matthew Huston
Sr. JavaScript Engineer
  • NodeJs

At work, I am an expert with JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJs, Node, and GraphQL., At home, I am a nerd, 3D-Printing enthusiast, family man, and always passionately optimistic.


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Sr. JavaScript Engineer, Google (via Proof)
May 2020 – Present
I work on mission-critical client platform for Google PSO.

Senior Software Developer, Charter Communications
September 2016 – May 2020
Technologies Used: PHP, MongoDB, ReactJS, MySQL  

Worked as a production engineer on the TVSDK team helping to facilitate releases on both Xbox and Samsung platforms via Docker scripts and GitLab,
conduct A/B testing via experiments, and analyzing metrics from platforms and experiments to aid in decisions based on date from analysis.

Wrote code and helped architect next-generation custom WebGL/React framework designed to be a single codebase deployed to multiple platforms. Currently in use
for applications on Xbox One and Samsung TVs with ongoing plans to use on LG TVs and the Amazon Fire platform.

Brought on to maintain and enhance Spectrum Guide application running on most set top boxes used by Charter’s cable customers. The work was entirely frontend in
a pure JavaScript framework. I successfully converted the codebase to use Webpack, making the code modern with ES2015+ and more modular while reducing development time and efforts.

Senior Software Developer, MyWedding.com
March 2015 – September 2016
Rewrote the existing Free Wedding Website section of the site for a modern, experience allowing site users to build a custom wedding website.

Maintained mywedding.com website’s bug fixing and feature-enhancements.
Technology stack used includes: PHP (Zend Framework 1 and Phalcon), Backbone, MySQL, MongoDB, and Solr.  

Senior Software Developer, Intermap Technologies
August 2013 – March 2015
Sole developer on company-wide UI platform SDK. Tasked with writing a common UI SDK, written in AngularJS, to be used across the company.

Sole developer on team to write Command Center prototype application for the country of Thailand. The entire application is written in JavaScript using the combination of MongoDB, Node (Express web server), and AngularJS. The application was designed as a nationwide control center monitoring and analysis
package, used to detect issues in Defense, Natural Disasters, Civic issues, as well as Economic and Health issues.  

Tasked with updating/rewriting existing AdPro 3.1 OOH advertising software for new 4.0 release. Migrated code from ASP.NET MVC 3 to MVC 5 and removed Entity
Framework from code in favor of ADO.NET stored procedures with dynamic SQL. Cleaned up user interface of application to be more of an enterprise-level application. Implemented a service-oriented architecture using ASP.NET Web API 2 and WCF for the data retrieval in the application. Began work on converting UI to use AngularJS to improve user experience and make the application workflows
more efficient. Implemented Twitter Bootstrap 3 in the UI to alleviate CSS issues in UI and help make the application have a responsive UI.  

Sr Software Developer, Progressive Insurance
February 2013 – August 2013
Brought in-house software up-to-date to ASP.NET MVC 3. Spent time reducing technical debt and modernizing and migrating code to newer .dlls  

Staff Consultant, DSoft-Technology Company  
August 2012 – February 2013
Maintained GPS Information Network (GIN) software for US Air Force GPS Operations Center (GPSOC). Written in VB.NET, the GIN software received GPS satellite byte messages from the Master Control Station (MCS) and after running intensive mathematical calculations on the data, created 9 separate XML files to be used to provide real- time positioning data for warfighters deployed in combat zones around the world. The GIN system ran as a Windows desktop application and an ASP.NET web portal for viewing and using said XML files. The system relied on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for backend data storage. In addition to software duties, I was also responsible for the upkeep of the SQL backend.  

Software Engineer, Progressive Insurance
May 2009 – August 2012
Migrated legacy MS technologies to modern technologies such as .NET 4.0, WSE to WCF, and ASP to ASP.NET MVC. Moderate interaction in system redesign including SQL and IBM DB2 database interaction. Instructed jQuery code "dojos" for in-house employees. Supported Claims applications including enhancements and bug fixes. Heavy interaction with HTML, CSS, C#.NET, JavaScript, SQL, MS WCF and various third-party libraries such as jQuery and KnockoutJS.

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