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Experienced Go engineer, mentor, and architect. I design customer software applications in Go, supervise teammates and review their code, and enjoy building high-performance, easy-to-use software.


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Software Engineer, Theorem

11/2019 – Present

Work on various Theorem projects (Proof's parent company), including:
• Custom Dbaas for Couchbase
• Custom ad network backend for BounceX
• Confidential projects for Apple

Software Engineer, Manglar Labs

12/2016 – 11/2019

Train teammates in Go and coding best practices.

Supervise and review teammates code.

Develop   a   custom   weighted   connected-component   labeling   algorithm   to   identify   cockroaches

proliferation   through   analysis   of   photosensors   matrixes   snapshots   through   time.   Design   and

implement genetic algorithm to adjust parameters using Go.

Design   and   implement   a   Go   and   Raspberry   Pi   Zero   based   Zigbee   gateway   for   agricultural


Architect and implement a mobile app's data model and stores with PostgreSQL and Redis, Go

gRPC and REST API and backend, MQTT based asynchronous communication and React and

React Native frontends.

Build custom functionalities and views over the LoRa Server project, an open-source LoRaWAN

solution, for our private system. Contribute to the open project with documentation and React and

Go components, and help as a moderator in their support forum.

Build   open-source   tooling   for   the   LoRa   Server   project,   such   as   an   authentication   and

authorization   plugin   for   the   Mosquitto   MQTT   broker   and   an   end-device   simulator   to   aid

infrastructure testing.

Develop an embedded intelligent card reader for event tickets with local and synchronized central

storage written in Python.

Software Engineer, PCU

04/2014 – 04/2018

Public grant research project, Fondecyt number 11130577: "Identification Of Patient Cohorts In

Large   Clinical   Databases   Using   Temporal   Abstractions   And   Temporal   Patterns   Of   Clinical


Java desktop and DB agnostic application tested with PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Feature   rich   backend   implementing   several   temporal   abstractions,   conditions   and   relations

between intervals for patient phenotyping.

Simple graphical query system to express complex medical temporal descriptions.

Rails frontend for large patients databases to aid team’s research.

Fullstack Developer, AgendaPro

12/2014 – 08/2016

Build and maintain a Rails backend and API for a scheduling and management SaaS.

Implement views with Rails templating system and JQuery.

Test and optimize PostgreSQL configuration, stored procedures and general queries.

Monitor servers and applications health with New Relic.

Architect automatic deployments using Capistrano.

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