Product & Project Management

Luis Garcia
Product/Program Manager
Experience at
TheoremOne, Sage, Thoughtworks

He’s been managing digital products for the last 9 years in diverse industries. He's designed technical products such as transactional systems for national lotteries, websites for marketplaces, and SaaS platforms.

He is experienced in different Agile frameworks: XP, Scrum or SAFe, among many others, but at the end of the day what he likes tailoring the ways of working to what is best for the client, the user, and the product.

He loves learning and studying. He started his career with a MS in Computer Engineering, continued with an MBA and now he’s focusing on becoming an expert in UX design and Program Management. He loves learning languages and working in diverse environments.

Product Management
Program Management
Sam Mathison
Product Manager
Experience at
Lam Tran
Data Entry Analyst
Experience at
Shogo Ishii
Technical Project Manager
Experience at
Philip Nguyen
Business Data Analyst
Experience at
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